YouTube Tips and Tricks for Creators


YouTube Tips and Tricks for Creators

Learn new YouTube tips: YouTube Studio allows creators to manage their videos, expand their channels, interact with audiences and monetize platforms. allows you to sign in to the channel, upload videos and make improvements, as well as keep track of all the necessary statistics.

Overview of the Home Page

Although this platform is intuitive rather than navigable, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. On the left, you will see a menu with different sections of the website. Let's eliminate the important features that they have to offer you.

Dashboard: The Channel Dashboard gives you reviews and shortcuts for features like uploading videos, reading news updates, viewing statistics about subscribers, top videos and viewing time. Here you can also see the latest upgrades to the platform so you stay up to date with new additions.

Videos: Here you will find a list of all your videos in reverse chronological order with some stats like views, comments, dislikes and more. You can filter videos by video, description, title, view, visibility, copyright claims, audience (made for adult fans vs. children's videos).

Playlists: This section will open a new tab and allow you to review all the playlists that have been created. The edit option lets you add details, change the title, and test the display of videos. You can make them public (viewed by someone), private (so that only you can see them), or unlisted (visible via link only).

Analytics: In this section, you will see all the statistics collected from your viewers. Some categories include views (including unique views by new viewers), viewing time, average duration of a view, average number of views per visit, and trends in the number of users.

Comments: Here you can respond to comments in a very intelligent way. Not only can you search for comments, but you can also select questions that contain questions, and show only those that weren't answered.

Audio Library: YouTube Studio allows you to use free music and sound effects in your music. This section lets you search by title, genre, and artist. Some great features are the description of the mood that a particular song offers and its duration.

Tips and Tricks

In addition to all the features that YouTube Studio has to offer, some global shortcuts will always come in handy. From keyboard shortcuts to adding videos to videos, it will make the overall YouTube experience more interactive for both creators and viewers.

Master the Keyboard Shortcuts

The spacebar will start or stop a video while pressing M will mute or mute. Watch the video back and forth, you can use the left or right arrow to go backwards or five seconds forward. J, J or K. Use the vertical and horizontal arrows to jump 10 seconds in any direction. Clicking on> will increase / decrease the volume or <will increase the video playback rate.

Create a Link with a Time Code

If you want to create a link that takes viewers to a specific part of the video, instead of copying the link from the search bar, do the following. Choose the specific time code you want the video to like, then right-click anywhere on the video and select Copy Video URL in the current time option. Make sure that you do not delete any information by allowing a few seconds before talking to the speaker in the video.

Make a GIF out of Your YouTube Video

Have you ever thought about GIFs and how they are designed? Not with me, but with this little trick, you might as well be inclined to make it. To get started, select a video on YouTube, note the start and end times you want to harvest, and type "gif" in front of the address and it will take you to Will go). There you can choose the start and end times and make any adjustments such as adding text and tweaking the visuals.

Make Your Videos More Interactive – Add Cards

When you want to gather feedback from your viewers instead of using the comments section, you can add pools, links, playlists and other places to your video at specific times. To add cards, sign in to your YouTube Studio account. Then select the video you want to convert and click on the card box. If you want to customize your card and adjust the time that appears on the screen, click Create.

How to Pin a Comment

If you want to make sure everyone in the comments section sees a message, pin it to the top of the feed. Here you can leave a comment as a positive comment, action call, a question, or a conversation thread. You can also use this feature to pinpoint answers to some common questions. To do so, go to the Community tab, select Comments, click More, and then Pin.

Sensor Certain Words in the Comments

We can't always expect the best when it comes to comments and audience response. However, we can always expect things like inappropriate language and controversial topics. YouTube allows you to create a block on certain words if they are present in a comment. To do so, sign in to YouTube Studio and go to Settings, select Community and scroll down to the paused words section. There you can add forbidden words - just remember to separate them with a comma. After that, comments that contain blocked words will be reviewed for public viewing.

Google Trends

Make the most of the Google Trends website to get some incentive for new video ideas. This platform allows you to search the top of YouTube either worldwide or in a specific world region. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of search categories, such as arts and entertainment, shopping, travel, and more. This platform helps you to plan your topics keeping in mind the hip-hop and what usually attracts more viewers. Here you can also identify weather trends so you can promote products and videos at the right time.

When it comes to getting started, don't overdo it. With the creation of YouTube videos and content, the process depends on learning. As a rule of thumb, don't try and add all the features at once, take the baby step and tell him to slowly add new ideas to his creations.

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